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Soy Gem Wax melts with crystals

Soy Gem Wax melts with crystals

These precious scented gems of goodness are the stuff love dreams are made of! Melt these soy gems for the best home fragrance burst there is and indulge in an aromatic atmosphere. These waxy gems feature dried herbs/flowers and crystals.

Instructions: Melt  3-4 crystal wax melt gems and add to the top of an electric wax burner. The wax can be reheated several times until it's no longer fragrant.Once the wax is no longer fragrant, remove the crystals and wipe the warmer dish clean with a disposable cloth.After you're done with your wax melts, re-purpose your crystal chips in your craft projects, add them to your home decor such a plants, or throw them in your garden.

Made from 100 percent pure soy wax that’s free of additives, colorants, phthalates, and toxins

Grounded- scent: Black Amber Plum, with Garnet Chips

Passionate- scent: Blood Orange, with Moonstone and Carnelian

Empowered- scent: Lemon Verbena, with Tigers eye and citrine

Embrace- scent: cedarwood blanc, with rose quartz and Amazonite

Sincere- scent: mint mojito, with turquoise and Sodalite

Transcend- scent: Pineapple sage, with selenite and blue kyanite chips

Worthy- scent: Frankincense and Myrrh, with Amethyst and Moonstone

Alluring- scent: pink sugar crystals, with pink Tourmaline

Awakened- scent: Lavender driftwood. With Amethyst and Lapis Lazuli

Comfort- scent: Honeysuckle Jasmine, with rose quartz

Divine- scent : Lavender sandalwood, with Tanzanite chips

Expand- scent: Hemp leaves, with Malachite

Free- scent: French lilac, with Peridot chips

Focused- scent: frosted Juniper, with Apatite

Flow- scent: High tide, with flourite

Insightful- scent: white tea, with prehnite

Opulent- scent: black coral and moss, with pyrite

Purified- scent: Palo santo, with black onyx

Revitalize- scent: watermelon, with rose quartz

Supported- scent: yellow rose, with moss agate

Unwind- scent: Mango Coconut Milk, with Tigers eye

Uplifted- scent: Cactus flower jade, with jade chips

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