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Intention Candles

Starlite Soul candles are made from 100% additive-free, and sustainable soy wax. All candles are handmade with love and crafted by an artisan who has focused intentions for you to meditate on while enjoying your candle. Candles contain affirmations that range in topics like relationships or work ethic so it is not just about the physical aspect of life but also mental well being too! These affirmations help call attention to a certain energy as they synergistically combine essential oils, herbs, crystals colors all which have their own distinctive purposes such as harmony or motivation. 

These beauties are also eco-friendly, packaged in glass jars and shipped to you wrapped up in recycled paper as well as beautifully boxed, making this a perfect gift for any occasion! With fragrance that's both powerful and natural thanks to their non-toxic, phthalate free fragrances - it doesn't get better than these one of a kind creations.

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